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I logged on tonight and the first thing I saw was the inspirational saying "don't let society define you, define yourself."  This hit home today.  I've had a day where the opinions of others have weighed heavily on me.   Thank you Cory and BG for reminding
Bri Lengua · 150 days ago

When my daughter visits from California we always have this for lunch with fresh is her favorite :) 1 ball fresh mozzarella 1-2 heirloom tomatoes (or any tomato with a lot of flavor) Several fresh basil leaves Fresh black pepper Balsamic Vinegar
Bri Lengua · 151 days ago

My 2014 New Year's thoughts~~I do not need to figure out what's wrong with people, that's God's job. My job is to try to understand. More compassion..that is what I need for the new year :)  Thank you Cory for reminding me. I love you :) 
Gena Lamar · 203 days ago

Hi Everyone!!! Just wanted to update with my newest recipe for the weekend that I tried. If you like pasta, I think you you'll really enjoy this one. I (per usual) made a few modifications... I've mentioned before I'm not that big on veggies... So, I subst
Michelle Smith · 242 days ago

Your 20s compose undoubtedly the most pivotal time in your life. While there are plenty of temptations and distractions, the decisions you make here are truly what dictate your future, as the weak fail and only the strong survive. Do you have what it take
Cory Kelly · 247 days ago

Ello! So, I have been craving blueberry pancakes lately, and as we all know, pancakes are known not to be good for you. I went on a hunt! I found these blueberry pancakes made with whole wheat flour and artificial sweetener. So, I tested them out today and
Michelle Smith · 250 days ago

Hey guys, this is my turkey meatloaf recipe I referred to in my FSI_7 video. Hope you enjoy! Don't forget, you may want to add a bit more seasoning to it :) 3/4 cup quick-cooking oats1/2 cup nonfat milk1 medium onion, peeled2 Ibs. grounded turkey breast1/2
Michelle Smith · 251 days ago

Here lately, I find myself people watching more than usual. Especially when I am on the trail walking. And I wonder to myself, what motivates you? What is it that is pushing or driving you to be out here trying to get healthy? How do you force yourself out
Michelle Smith · 252 days ago

This is our new and updated community future self initiative site!!! Here you have the ability to create your own profile, upload your own videos, blog to your hearts contents, and so much more! I am very excited about this new website and can't wait to be
Cory Kelly · 252 days ago
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